Welcome to my green beauty lifestyle...

my name is Sam. I live in Sydney, Australia, and I currently  studying my Bachelor of Health Science in naturopathy.

My wellness journey started around five years ago when I developed adult acne. I had no luck with westernised medicine, and deep down knew I needed to heal myself naturally. Westernised doctors couldn't fix my acne and the conventional topically products I was using caused nothing my havoc to my skin & hormones. I shifted my attention and approach to complementary medicine.

After seeing a naturopath for the first time, my whole world was turned upside down; everything I thought I knew about health was not all what it seemed. The journey I undertook was the catalyst for my wellness movement, I spent my time reading, watching, and networking with leaders in health, and I was shocked when I realised that everything I was using and eating either contained or had been exposed to toxic chemicals. I knew this was the cause of my acne and hormone imbalance.

In order to heal myself from the inside out, I made a lifestyle decision that impacted my health for the better. I learned about proper nutrition, used herbal medicine and spring-cleaned my toxic makeup, skincare and cleaning products to NATURAL.

During this process, I realised how passionate I was about spreading the message on the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. I saw the positive effects it had on my health and I knew I was doing my part to preserve the environment. From there, I decided to create Organically You, an online space where I can help other people with my experiences and knowledge around low-tox alternatives, plant medicine and wellness. I know I'm not the only one with this message in mind, but I thrive off knowing I am a part of a community who love to live consciously.
Sam xx