I thought I give you a peek on my daily morning routine when it comes to all thangs skincare! My face is healing from my final herbal peel so I need to make sure I am hydrating my skin accordingly. 
Skincare is my favourite area of green beauty, there are so many natural brands on offer. I find for me and my combination/sensitive skin type the only ingredients that work are sourced from Native Australian Botanicals, I have seen such a huge improvement over the last 3 years since making the switch, but believe me lots of trial & error before I finally found what performs for me. 
Once my website is up I will go in more detail in regards to toxic skincare, but for now stay away from products that contain parabens, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, SLS, formaldehyde and sunscreen chemicals. You'll find these toxic chemicals in mostly all conventional skincare, they cause serious damage over time to your hormones, organs and skin. Remember folks companies use cheap ingredients therefore it's cheap to manufacture and then they sell to consumers double the price. They put no thought into the products or your health all the money goes into marketing & celebrity endorsements. 
I start the day off with:
#cleanser @sayaskincare foaming cleanser
#toner @perfectpotion rose water
#oil/serum @weledaaustralia almond oil
#moisturizer @muktiorganics aloe vera moisturiser
#sunscreen/BB creme @lamavorganic 

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