Everyone comments on my perfume, so here it is!

Try to stay away from products that contain synthetic 'fragrance or parfum', Fragrances alone are made up of multiply other ingredients that by law can't be disclosed (isn't that pathetic?) Unfortunately synthetic fragrances are found in almost EVERYTHING, They are added to mask the harsh smell from chemicals, It's also a known endocrine disruptor which is linked to birth defects, infertility and liver & kidney damage. I hear people say they only spray their perfume on their clothes, but in actual fact you're still breathing it in all day and so is everyone else that comes in contact with you!
I've swapped out my Chanels & Ralph Lauren to a non toxic aromatherapy spray, This is from @perfectpotion Potion filled with certified organic oils that will benefit my health, mood & overall wellbeing.

Remember big celebrities are getting paid to have their name slapped on bottles with CHEAP synthetic nasties to make profit, lets make better choices and vote with our dollar! 
If this is not your cup of tea, DW there are plenty of other brands/scents on offer! HIT ME UP! 


BEAUTYSamantha Lando