La Mav Organic Skincare Review


Natural Skincare is definitely my little obsession..when I mean little, I really mean.. I have a problem! 



I get GIDDY over anything that says cleanser, face mist or serum.. it lights me up more than I like to admit. SOooOO of course I was beaming when I got my hands on some NATURAL goodies from La Mav Organic Skin Science!! Their entire range is certified organic, 100000% toxin free and SUPER affordable.

I put some of their products through the ORGANICALLY YOU intense THREE MONTH boot camp.....did they stand up to the challenge? find out below! 

No woman should have to sacrifice her beauty for health.


La Mav Organic Skin Science was created by Dr Tarj Mavi, she suffered from skin pigmentation and was unable to find a skincare range that could deliver visible results but was ALSO free from harsh chemicals. La Mav was created to focusing on beautifully blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science, drawing inspiration by skin science delivered through nature to unmask the natural inherent beauty we all posses.


Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser: 
A balancing and purifying facial cleansing gel formulated with fermented Papaya Extract, Orange Extract and Sugar Cane Extract to effectively remove excess sebum, make-up and impurities for a fresh and luminous appearance. 

• This is a gun at taking off makeup, cutting through any left over dirt or product left on your face. I hate cleansers that make you feel tight and dry afterwards, BUT LUCKILY it kept me feeling fresh, ready to apply my next step - overall a really nice cleanser that I will be adding to my TOP 4!

Purifying Toner:
A dual purpose toner designed to refine the pores and help maintain the skin's natural pH. Formulated with Grape Seed Extract, White Tea and Bilberry Extract for a clean and younger looking skin.

• I'm more of a mist kinda gal, but I gave this a right hot go. It does exactly what it promises, refines the pores and helps maintain the skin natural balance - also if I didn't cleanse my face in the morning I would take a cotton pad and use the toner to kickstart my day. Once this runs out I probably won't purchase again, just because I adore my mists.. however, this is a perfect swap for any toxic toners you want to get rid of, it sets a perfect clean base for applying makeup! 

Photo 29-3-18, 4 48 53 am.jpg

Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum:
A highly concentrated Vitamin-C Serum that improves skin’s clarity and boosts radiance. The potent bio-actives included in its formula, help reduce hyperpigmentation, to promote healthy, glowing and evenly toned skin. 

Where do I start with this product, I have seen such an improvement in my scarring and skin tone and it's all thanks to this jam packed antioxidant serum! my skin has tighten up, it looks firmer and smoother. I love using this in the morning right before my makeup, it sets up a lovely even base. 

Photo 29-3-18, 4 51 13 am.jpg
Photo 29-3-18, 4 51 27 am.jpg
Photo 8-2-18, 3 56 29 pm.jpg
Photo 29-3-18, 4 49 01 am.jpg

Rose Hydrating Mist:
A gentle, cooling, alcohol-free toner designed to balance skin’s pH and help prevent the visible signs of ageing. Formulated with Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract and Rose Water this ultra soothing toner calms the skin while removing surface impurities and toxins.

For instant hydration, this is what I grab, it just puts me the best mood. As soon as you spray, you can feel the ingredients working their magic! My face glows right after it settles into my skin- it LOVES IT...I haven't used anything like it. It's such a beautiful eco luxe skin product, I will be 10000% purchasing again!  

Photo 29-3-18, 4 49 29 am.jpg

Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar
A brightening nectar that works to helps skin recover while you sleep. We’ve formulated this unique nectar with high levels of Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil to promote visibly lighter, evenly toned and radiant skin.

My favourite product I tried out of the 5...might I add, I  have been eyeing this nectar for AGEZSssZZZ and finally my skin experienced the benefits. It's super hydrating, NO SERIOUSLY .. you don't understand, my skin just eats it up. IT'S DIVINE! I have noticed a remarkable difference in the morning.. my skin looks the best when I wake up, it's dewy, radiant, glowy and overall looks even and healthy. I really don't want this to run out, I can't go to sleep without it on!