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It's pretty darn obvious how obsessed I am for essential oils... & here is why:

  1. they help bridge the gap between conventional medicine and complementary medicine.

  2. I love how versatile they are for supporting health, emotions and the environment.

  3. Not to mention they replace soOoO many household, beauty & skincare items.

  4. Basically a bottle of mother nature with healing powers.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils not only smell AHHMMAZING. They ultimately bring therapeutic response to your bodies cellular level. These pure oils will to support your body in restoring balance not covering up like a band-aid. The aromatic compounds obtained from plants are what makes up an EO, the bark, seeds, flowers or leaves of various plants and roots. Essential oils have been around for yeaaaaaaaarssss. 

About doTERRA:

They are the highest quality essential oils on the market.

Something really cool that doTERRA do and one of the main reasons I decided to be a wellness advocate, was how they sustain the land they source the oils from. It's called co–impact sourcing, where they use a permaculture approach. As a result, each plant thrives in it’s native environment, making each bottle HIGH QUALITY OIL. DoTERRA get to work towards sustainability by partnering with many farmers to build co-operatives and helping to provide jobs in many third world countries. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

How To Use Essential Oils:

Like I said, they are so verstile and can used in multiply ways, here are the main three:


Aromatic use is one of the most common. Inhalation is the first point of entry via our sense of smell. Once the aromatic compounds are diffused in the air, they interact with your old factory nerves and limbic system (oldest part of your brain). This can assist in altering moods, balancing emotions and releasing stress.  


 They ABSORB into our skin. They have a natural molecular composition, which means they can safely and effectively be applied to your body to help with many different ailments. 

Remember to use a carrier oil, so it absorbs faster and deeper into the skin.. :)


Essential oils give plants their aroma and flavour. When concentrated, essential oils can be used as internal supplements for more potent and targeted support. As you have seen in most of my vidoes, I always adding lemon EO to my hot water in the morning. 


Things are starting to shift in the way people approach their health. We are thinking about where our products are coming from and what companies we are supporting. There is a growing awareness of what we are putting on our skin, in our bodies, and how that affects our environment.

With this increasing desire to take a holistic approach to our wellbeing, it's no wonder essential oils are returning to the platform where they belong. Using 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils is incredibly empowering and supportive for our health, and integrating them into your lifestyle can result in big changes to your overall wellbeing. 

& more info:

They are pure oils with a certification called CPTG.. doTERRA have created their own testing process (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® ) Which basically means that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants that would reduce efficacy in their essential oils. doTERRA even go a step further by putting all their products and the packaging through a battery of tests to ensure a long and effective shelf-life – ensuring sustainability of the product through  potency, purity, and consistency tests on every oil!

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