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I am always on the hunt for a good quality face oil that not only performs but also HEALS.
Suffering with acne and scarring, I am only interested in treating with natural ingredients - I find oils really promote high collagen turnover.. but one oil in particular really stands out from the pack.

Moringa Oil:
The Moringa Oleifera tree is native to the Himalayan foothills of India and Pakistan and is also found in parts of the Amazon. This tree grows long pods of seeds which contain high levels of B vitamins and Vitamin C.


  • Anti-inflammatory – The oil reduces inflammation both topically and internally.

  • Antioxidant – Moringa oil has strong antioxidant capacity.

  • Anti-aging – The oil provides nutrition to your skin and relieves aging signs.

  • Anti-microbial – It is traditionally used in Africa to purify water and is shown to reduce bacterial counts.

  • Disinfectant – can be used to treat wounds.

  • Carrier – It is excellent carrier oil for aromatic compounds.

  • Hepatoprotective – Moringa oil protects the liver from damage.

  • Emollient – Moringa oil is a great moisturizer for the skin.

  • Exfoliant – drives away dead skin cells.

Ritual Co Oils

This divine oil is so versatile I had to find one I truly trusted.. BOOM, along came .. they have hand crafted Moringa oil with an infusion of BLUE FRICKEN LOTUS… an ancient flower with powerful beauty healing properties, it’s a sacred flower of the ancient Egypt goddess Hathor, of healing.. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

By combing these two power houses together you have a long list of uses:
1. Moisturiser for Oliy & Acne Prone Skin
2. Has Antiseptic Properties
3. Promotes Wrinkle-Free Skin
4. Promotes Beauty from the Inside-Out
5. Good for Skin Inflammatory Conditions
6. Fights Acne
7. Minimizes Blemishes & Dark Spots
8. Hydrates Dry Skin
9. Promotes Hair Growth
10. Great on Your Scalp
11. Protects Skin from Harsh Weather
12. Wonderful Makeup Primer
13. Nourishing Nail Oil
14. Heals Damaged Skin
15. Fights Fungal Infections
16. Promotes Wound Healing
17. Massage Oil
18. Intimacy Oil
19. Tattoo Aftercare Oil


I have been testing the oil for a month now and I am beyond grateful for every drop I use. The smell is euphoric, it transports you to another realm, you instantly stop what you’re doing to surrender to the power it holds. I apply on my face with lavender oil at night, I use as my primer before makeup, I use to stop treat my blemishes and I have just started to use in my hair. My skin and my soul is thanking me for bringing this into their life.


Since promoting this product online the team behind Ritual reached out to me & gave me a 10% discount code to my audience ( “SAM10” )… I 1000000% recommend everyone researching and finding time to try this oil. && i’m all about supporting small business doing good for the world.